Monday, December 3, 2007


Just trying to get this blog going here... so here's a quick update. I'm almost done with my 3rd semester of medical school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Heather supports us well by working as a scheduler at the brand new American Family Children's Hospital. We consider this job of hers to be a great blessing in our marriage because we now ride the same bus to work/school, and not only eat breakfast and dinner together, but also lunch!

We savor each day of this simple life of ours, with few responsibilities or expenses, plenty of time together, great friends, and good health, knowing it simply won't last because life goes on! We still live in a pathetically tiny old 1-bedroom apartment that is (just) big enough for our needs. Somehow, though, we continue to accumulate new things, and we're quickly running out of space!

Well, that's about it. My life is consumed by studying diseases that plague the human body. About 30-35 hours a week in class and lab, and then that much studying. I am also involved in interviewing med school applicants and help out with a few student organizations. I usually exercise on a regular basis, although my "runner's knee" has continued to preclude running from my routine (sad, because I believe running is the most convenient, most enjoyable, and most effective exercise) and so I've taken up swimming, road biking, and weight lifting. Last year Heather and I had membership at the local climbing gym and went religiously 3 times a week, but it's a 20-minute commute and not cheap, so we haven't been doing that this year.

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