Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One of my many diversions

I have always enjoyed photography and design, and used it as a creative outlet. I took a photography class in high-school, and I have a tendency to drool out of the left corner of my mouth every time I see a digital SLR. If you add up all of the pocket digital cameras I've gone through (three -- two stolen, one off my body... long story) I could've easily bought one nice DSLR and a lens or two as well!

With all the places I've been and photos I've taken, I have always thought I'd be able to make some money off of it somehow but I have been somewhat unsuccessful. I make an average of $3 to $4 per month on iStockPhoto (see my portfolio here). Due to their new, more stringent quality standards, the vast majority of my photography isn't iStock quality. There are subtle effects created by the smaller lenses and in-camera processing of my compact digital that I can only avoid by purchasing a digital SLR camera, which, at this time isn't practical as I wouldn't really have time to benefit from it.

Recently, since we purchased a Mac (we "needed" it-- first computer I've purchased since my old 486!) and got the Adobe Creative Suite, I've spent some free time doodling (and dawdling) on Illustrator and have applied to submit some of my creations for resale on iStock. Not sure why, but having a creative outlet is something I seem to really benefit from, maybe it's because I have recently been bombarded by a frightful amount of scientific information, virtually all of which is "left-brained thinking" and the right half of my brain is feeling left out? Anyway, here are a few things I've worked on: hand-tracing and stylizing an Arches National Park photo I took a long time ago, and creating my own versions of the famous Caduceus medical logo:


Andrew said...

you're a man of many talents! that arches pic is pretty sweet.

The Olsens said...
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Edith said...

Logan, thanks for the Thanksgiving video of Ethan with new brother. I'm thinking I have seen that before so maybe it was transfered to our computer with all your other photos you took, but at least now I have it for sure.