Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My 3rd Year Rotation Schedule

"Starting Third Year is like going to a foreign country. You don't speak the language, you don't understand the customs, and the natives are not necessarily friendly."
--The New Physician, 1982

We just received our schedules for 3rd year after much anticipation and debate. It's a lottery system and this is what I got. The latter half of my third year will be considerably more difficult than the first half. I will be in one of the four big hospitals in Madison most of the time, or travelling up to an hour's drive outside of the city for certain clinic-based rotations.

My Schedule:

7/7 to 8/15 -- Pediatrics
8/18 to 9/26 -- OB
9/29 to 11/7 -- Neurology (includes Ophthalmology)
11/10 to 11/21 -- BREAK
11/24 to 12/19 -- Psychiatry
12/19 to 1/4 -- CHRISTMAS BREAK
1/5 to 2/27 -- Primary Care
3/2 to 4/24 -- Medicine
4/27 to 6/19 -- Surgery

Classes end May 14th, and I'm already well into my studying for Step 1 of the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam. I'm signed up to take it on June 20th, but it's quite tempting to push that date back and have more time to study! Heather and I look forward to an amazing vacation some time in late June because just two weeks after the big Step 1, I'm on the wards.

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Goit said...

Hey, how did the usmle turn out for ya? I have done 2 family med rotations and have internal med and neurology coming up, our rotations are 4 weeks each. hope all is well in packerland.