Thursday, April 8, 2010

Great outdoor gear giveaways - weekly!

While it's still relatively young, I feel like my chances are pretty high of bagging a free piece of outdoor gear from this new start-up outdoor adventure website: This is exactly the sort of website that I'd start up if I had the spare time to do it. My wife's two brothers started this site together. This week's giveaway is one of the smaller items (but always cool, useful stuff): a Coast mini LED flashlight. See below:

Coast Mini Tac LED Light Giveaway. Starting Thursday April 8, ending Monday April 12.This mini Led flashlight is perfect while trekking on your next backpacking trip, your next camping adventure, vacation, or your glove box. This LED flashlight uses one AAA battery, that last 18 hours. The LED bulb also lasts much longer than the old school incandescents of yore. The light bean is also white, not the yellow of other bulbs. I have owned a light similar to this and it is indispensable. You can use it as long as you want at night in your tent while backpacking or camping in the mountains. I always take one with me on my hiking trips, its a piece of gear that can’t be left behind. Enter below for this required piece of camping gear.

Description of the Coast Mini Tac LED Light from the Coast site:

  • Crystal Reflector Tube System
  • High-quality LED; white beam
  • Rear on/off switch
  • Tactical lightweight aluminum casing
  • 15 lumen output
  • Over 20 hour battery life
  • 2.9 inch length

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