Friday, July 10, 2009


I have continued to upload vectors created in Adobe Illustrator - after tasting the sweet success of one of my first uploads (see alphabet blocks below), I decided that vector illustrations are the way to make money on iStockphoto. Here are some of my more recent illustrations:
This is a repeating topographic map pattern, which I created with the textile industry in mind, as well as for websites, magazines, and perhaps jacket liners or backpack liners. Cool huh? It has been selling like crazy lately. Click here to visit my portfolio at
A chrome-like "star of life," the ubiquitous, universal emergency medicine logo.

Some fresh clippings from the meadows behind my apartment.
More meadow clippings.

My attempt at anatomy illustration - the human heart, inspired by several different anatomy books as well as the dissection videos from med school, and a silhouette of me!

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